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L & B / La’Juan & Brandion

Was started in 2002 with the thought of allowing kids to be kids and look good at affordable pricing.  When created, other clothing designers were creating tube tops, half cut shirts, and very tiny skirts for young ladies three and up. Brandi did not have a daughter at the time but knew if she did she wouuld not want her dressed in that manner.  Brandi had an idea that allowing kids to not have the stresses of not knowing where there next outfit would come from or feeling  less of a person because other kids are able to afford more or what is considered better.  We were able to hit a design mark of desire at wonderful prices, quality materials, and overall quality of products. Brandi’s goal was and still is to dress kids at prices parents can afford and clothes kids will not only love but feel good in. All L&B, LADIWORKZ, and CELLY’S productions can be purchased at

L & B: Clients
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