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Brandi Morris Chicago native who moved to Rockford 11 years ago, is a self-made entrepreneur with a passion for conversation, song and music — preoccupations that she has parlayed into an occupation of her own. Inspired by Brandi’s youngest child and only daughter who is affectionately known as Ladi to all who know her. LADIWORKZ is the parent company to Storm’z Ent and L & B. Most importantly LADIWORKZ helps to Brand and Build up and coming companies. We strive to WORK with people and help turn thought of ownership into small businesses that will become big businesses and long term staples within communities. Bridging gaps and ultimately creating legacies for not just our own but for everyone that comes during the current work process and behind us to learn and prosper for the success of building a future of longevity.
LADIWORKZ works is geared toward the working class woman seeking resources that may seem unreachable to the small business class. Working with every gender, race, and creed, leaving no one behind. Forgetting about no one, helping all to understand the importance of equality and creating a humble but thorough work environment.

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